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Decoding Dyslexia NC hosts parent workshops throughout the year via Zoom. Past topics have included Dyslexia Simulations, Written Expression Deficits, and Understanding School Literacy Screening. Upcoming events will be posted on our home page, along with a link to RSVP. Whenever possible, we will link workshop slides and recordings to this page. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming workshop!


Identifying Signs of Literacy Struggle
What signs and risk factors of literacy struggle can you be on the lookout for in your child?
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Signs of Literacy Struggle Slides with Resource Links

October 24, 2023- Dyslexia & Advocacy: How to Make Sure the Goals Address the Needs
Dyslexia expert, advocate, and founder of the Dyslexia Training Institute, Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley, joins DDNC to discuss the development of appropriate IEP goals that drive effective support services for students struggling with literacy.
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October 12, 2023- Understanding Dyslexia Evaluations: Public Schools vs. Private Practice
Speech pathologist and expert in dyslexia evaluation and treatment, Meghan Baulch, joins DDNC’s Emily Mora (SLP) to discuss the N.C. public school dyslexia evaluation process, IEE process, and private practice evaluation process. Meghan is the co-founder of Therapy & Education Connections in Holly Springs, NC.
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May 23, 2023- Technology Resources for Reading & Writing!
Technology consultant and speech pathologist Joan Green discusses her top tech recommendations to support reading and writing for students of all ages, as well as adults. If you have any questions, Joan is happy to help! Contact information is available here

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February 16, 2023- A Doctor with Dyslexia
Guest speaker, cardiologist Dr. Scott Jerome, discusses his personal experiences with dyslexia, and how he learned to embrace his differences and find pathways to success!
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Resources Mentioned:
1. ChatGPT-
2. Stable Diffusion Online-
3. Dragon Dictation Software-
4. Grammarly Speech to Test Software-

January 26, 2023- Understanding School Literacy Screening   
Topics covered in this workshop:
-The purpose of universal screening
-NC policy on screening
-Understanding mCLASS DIBELS screening results
-What happens next?
-BOG/EOG reading assessments
-Parent rights

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