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Teacher Resources
  1. Dyslexia in the Classroom: What Every Teacher Needs to Know
  2. Learning Ally: Guides about dyslexia, its potential indicators, and accommodations
  3. The Dyslexia Toolkit: National Center for Learning Disabilities
  4. Dyslexia Assessment: What Is It and How Can It Help?
  5. Made by Dyslexia Dyslexia Awareness Training (Two free 1 hour sessions)
  6. Dyslexia Advocate!: How to Advocate for a Child with Dyslexia within the Public Education System
  7. The Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain
  8. The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan: A Blueprint for Renewing Your Child’s Confidence and Love of Learning
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