Parent Resources

The Parent Resources listed below are websites that many parents found useful in their personal searches for information on and about dyslexia. Please note that Decoding Dyslexia NC does not officially endorse, represent or have a legal connection with any of the resources listed. Be sure to check our General Resource Page for North Carolina information.

International Dyslexia Association
The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) is the oldest organization dedicated to the study and treatment of dyslexia with roots that extend back to the 1920s. The IDA website offers a wealth of information including an extensive library of Dyslexia Fact Sheets.

IDA – Dyslexia Handbook: What Every Family Should Know
This handbook provides information on assessments, effective teaching approaches, self-advocacy ideas and recommended reading resources for parents, elementary school students and teens.

Dyslexia Help at the University of Michigan
The University of Michigan launched its Dyslexia Help website in 2010. The university’s Services for Students with Disabilities originally created the site for their students, but people from all over the world visit the authoritative site seeking help and information. Dyslexia Help has resources for parents and professionals, information on apps and assistive technologies and many inspiring success stories. Check out their excellent article on “Dyslexia Myths and Facts.”

Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity
The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity conducts dyslexia research and advocacy work. It was founded in 2006 by Drs. Sally and Bennett Shaywitz, world-renowned physician-scientists and leaders in the field of dyslexia research and diagnosis. Dr. Sally Shaywitz is the author of “Overcoming Dyslexia,” a comprehensive, practical book on identifying, understanding and overcoming reading problems.

Learning Disabilities Online
The LD Online website features hundreds of helpful articles, Q&A resources on a wide range of topics (e.g., IEPs, Adults with LD, ADHD, Response to Intervention, etc.), a comprehensive resource guide and active forums.
A website that addresses learning and attention issues including dyslexia.

Popular resource for education law, special education law and special education advocacy.
Digital library of free audiobooks free for students with dyslexia and other print disabilities.

Learning Ally
The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is an assistive technology that offers 80,000 human-narrated audiobooks. Their audiobooks are available to those who have a demonstrated learning disability, visual impairment or physical disability that makes it difficult to read using traditional print. For legal reasons, they require documentation from a qualified professional for each member. There is an annual fee to use the app although the NC Department of Public Instruction has provided funding for a limited number of K-12 public or charter school students with print disabilities to have NC state-funded Learning Ally memberships.

Dyslexia Training Institute
Dyslexia Training Institute’s mission is to provide education about dyslexia, interventions for dyslexia (Orton-Gillingham and Structured Word Inquiry) as well as how to navigate the educational system by understanding Special Education Law.