Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina

2016-Dyslexia Awareness Month

The state of North Carolina has proclaimed October as Dyslexia Awareness Month!

Many cities and towns our proclaiming it too!

We would also like to thank all the dyslexia advocates out there that have pushed so hard and have asked their communities to join them in helping make others aware of dyslexia.  One of our goals at Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina is to raise awareness about dyslexia and this is a great way to spread the word.

2016 State Dyslexia ProclamationOne of the goals of Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina is to raise awareness about dyslexia. Having your city proclaim October as “Dyslexia Awareness Month” is a great way to spread awareness. If your city has proclaimed October as Dyslexia Awareness month please send us the proclamation.
If your city has not done so already, please consider requesting a proclamation from your Mayor and city declaring it this year.
Sample Proclamation Letter
October is Dyslexia Awareness Month Flyer

We are proud to post the following proclamations and look forward to other cities proclaiming
October as Dyslexia Awareness Month.

Raleigh ProclamationThanks to the city of Raleigh
Mayor Nancy McFarlane

Liisa Ogburn & 
Aidan Colvin  Looking for Heroes: One Boy, One Year, 100 Letters”

Chapel Hill ProclamationThanks to the Town of Chapel Hill
Elizabeth Schifano
Patricia Seres
Robin Wallace
Mayor Pam Hemminger

Durham ProclamationThanks to the City of Durham
Jeanette Meacham
Mayor William Bell

Mount Holly Proclamation
Thanks to the City of Mount Holly
Jennifer McBee
Mayor Bryan Hough

Belmont Proclamation
Thanks to the City of Belmont
Jennifer McBee
Mayor Charles Martin

Carrboro Proclamation

Thanks to the Town of Carrboro
Mayor Lydia Lavelle
Elizabeth Schifano

Cramerton proclamationThanks to the Town of Cramerton
Mayor Ronald Worley
Jennifer McBee

Bessemer City ProclamationThanks to the City of Bessemer
Mayor Becky Smith
Jennifer McBee

Hickory ProclamationThanks to the city of Hickory
Mayor Rudy Wright
Susan McDonald

greensboroThanks to the city of Greensboro
Mayor Nancy Vaughan
Peggy Meachem
Ayanda Meachem
Jeanette Meachem

Winston-SalemThanks to the city of Winston-Salem
Mayor Allen Joines
Kris Cox – Vice President, International Dyslexia Association-North Carolina Branch

Gastonia-proclamationThanks to the city of Gastonia
Mayor John Bridgeman

Jennifer McBee


Thanks to the city of Wilson
Mayor Bruce Rose
Lou Ann Peterson

Lowell Dyslexia Proclamation

Thanks to the City of Lowell
Mayor Sandy Railey

Jennifer McBee

dallas-proclamationThanks to the Town of Dallas
Mayor Rick Coleman
Jennifer McBee

McAdenville Proclamation

Thanks to the City of McAdenville
Mayor James Robinette

Jennifer McBee

charlotte-2016Thanks to the city of Charlotte
Mayor Jennifer Roberts
Linda William and family
Megan Mehta and family

Jacksonville Dyslexia Proclamation
Thanks to the city of Jacksonville
Mayor Sammy Phillips
Donna Gargett
Jacksonville Dyslexia Awareness Month Events

WilmingtonThanks to the city of Wilmington
Mayor Bill Saffo
Eakins Family
Grieb Family
Hill School of Wilmington