Dyslexia Hill Days-Washington D.C.

Decoding Dyslexia is heading to Washington, D.C. at the end of June.  If you are interested in attending any of the open events be sure to check out the schedule. Schedule of Events
RSVP is required for individual events.
For more information and details about Dyslexia Hill Days, please visit www.dyslexiahillday.org
If you value the advocacy work Decoding Dyslexia is doing, please consider donating to support the efforts of Dyslexia Hill Days. Donate

Be sure to check out the #SayDyslexia Rally!
Tuesday June 27, 9-11am
Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend the rally.  The list of speakers is growing so be sure to check back closer to rally time for more information.
Registration and Full Details
Don’t forget your red umbrella!

Heading to the #SayDyslexia Rally